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Infographic friday – The Apple Rumor Mill

In anticipation of the “Let’s talk iPhone” Apple event next week, we collected a bunch of infographics on Apple rumors. The amount of rumors is quite astonishing and even more interesting is the fact that none of the rumors have ever been accurate. Well we’ll see next week if that holds true.

On a not so related note (but it’s still about an Apple product): the iPod turned 10 this year. To celebrate the anniversary, Vouchercodes.co.uk made a beautiful memorandum.

Today’s infographics

  • iPhone 5: The Rumors and The Roadmap

    As with every Apple product, the speculations before launch for the iPhone 5 (or is it 4S? or both?) are ranging from straight-forward to just plain ludicrous. This roadmap gives an overview of facts and rumors for the next iPhone since the launch of the iPhone 4.

  • Anatomy of an Apple Rumor

    This infographic by PCMagazine dissects the general Apple rumor and shows how they evolve. Interesting about and in my opinion essential to the rumors is that they matter a lot to the sales of the products. iPhone rumors and speculations are one of the most widely circulated technology stories.

  • iPod 10th Anniversary Memorandum

    This fall marks the 10th birthday of the iPod! In my opinion the device that made Apple the company it is today. It get out of the exclusive segment and into the mainstream. The infographic shows us the history of the device that has been sold over 50 million times. The only question left is what will happen with it in the future? Will Apple continue to build iPods or will the product just fade away? http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/most-wanted/infographic-ipod-10th-anniversary-memorandum-9166.html

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