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Fronteers 2011 – Alex Russel “Data, semantics & the process of progress”

Alex Russel (@slightlylate) kicked of the second day of Fronteers 2011 with a talk about the process of progress and a look into the future of HTML. These are my notes from his talk.

The process of change

  • We want to our toys and we want them right now, but we’re stuggling with the adoption risk:
    • Lock-in risk: is this feature a standard?
    • Run-time risk: we want it to perform!
    • Mission or rechnical risks: we nee configurable and extensible APIs
  • Evolution thrives on iteration, without regular browser updates we can’t use new features
  • Solutions to stalled evolution:
    • Plan A: an evolving platfrom
    • Plan B: frameworks and compilers (polyfills, js-libraries, pre-processors, etc)
  • We should focus on taking advantage of new stuff, because there will be more future than there was past
  • We need checkpoints but we need to keep feeding the process of change
  • We thrive on shared ambiguity: HTML doesn’t mean anything by itself, but we agree on what it means and therefor it has meaning

Web components & model-driven views

  • Web components allow us to define our own elements like <x-comment></x-comment> with it’s
    own internal shadow dom, default styling and scripted behaviour.
  • Model-driven views is basically templating directly in HTML. Data can be fed to these views directly from HTML or by JS

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