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Fronteers 2011 – Bruce Lawson “HTML5 Semantics: you too can be a bedwetting antfucker”

On thursday after lunch, Bruce Lawson (@brucel) kicked off the afternoon sessions with a lengthy and interesting talk about semantics and “mierenneuken” (antfucking or as we would say in english: hair-splitting).

Here are the things I thought were interesting from his talk.

  • Semantics are tough because it’s about content, and there is no such thing as a validator for it
  • Semantics are about language and meaning, we currently have 105 elements in HTML5 to mark up our content meaniningful
  • In HTML5 some elements have been redefined to give them meaning (like the I or SMALL tag)
  • There are 33 new elements in HTML5 (like time and ruby)
  • Just because things don’t work yet, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them, because they will work
  • The golden rule in semantics is: there is no golden rule (except you make a choice and stick to it: be consistent)
  • Semantics matter, even if we may not have much use for them yet, we cannot know what they can be used for in the future

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