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Fronteers 2011 – John Resig “jQuery and the Open Source Process”

John Resig (@jeresig), creator of jQuery held an inspiring talk about how the jQuery makers and it’s community interact and keep the process going. The most important thing to remember from his talk is that open source is easy (just dump your code somewhere), open process (getting people’s engagement/involvement) is hard.

  • You need to give devs/users the tools and resources to grow
  • Initial contact whould be extremely simple
  • A good first impression should answer:
    • What is this?
    • What can it do for me?
    • Where can I go to learn more?
  • The user should never have to ask for help in the getting started tutorial
  • After initial contact, the user should have multiple internal and external channels to ask questions
  • Monitoring your community is very important
  • Treat every use as a future contributor, because the can be
  • Follow up with your large users, contact them and make sure their issues are being addressed
  • Make sure your users feel like they are being heard
  • Good API documentation is critical
  • You need to provide a larger structure so your users understand how things work and can learn
  • Be transparent in your process
  • Test everything with a clear process
  • Fix bugs according to a defined process
  • Open up the roadmap decisions so people can participate and contribute
  • Support your users, track your users, help them grow and flourish

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